A service/product to connect Nonprofits to their communities

There are over 100 organizations and programs in Harrisonburg that deal with issues relating to homelessness, hunger, and health. Although these organizations do the best they can to help the public, there are still people that slip through the cracks due to a missed connection, a miscommunication, or a lack of knowledge about where to get help in the first place.

Local Motive is a Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship project.

The system includes monthly meetings with organization leaders, a centralized website to condense information for community members & organizations, and a community map to help those in need find the places that can help.

3-4 weeks of research were conducted by volunteering at our local Community Place. There we learned pains on multiple scales that ranged from the lack of knowledge of humanitarian orgs in Harrisonburg, to what channels of information are used in the community and between orgs. Multiple interviews were conducted and co-design sessions were held to see what the community thought they needed and why they thought it would help.

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